Optimizer's Q2xl
Practice your skills in school or work using my EXTRA-LITE version of Quake2.

The Edge (Beach) The Edge (Mega Health) The Edge (Arena)

The Frag Pipe
If your getting tired on "The Edge" download this and try your lava diving skills on "Q2DM3".

The Frag Pipe (SSG) The Frag Pipe (Arena) The Frag Pipe (Mega Health)

The Slimy Place
Tired of camping and railing? Enjoy intensive and nonstop rocket action on "Q2DM7".

The Slimy Place (Arena) The Slimy Place (Rocket Launcher) The Slimy Place (Hyperblaster)

Download this file if you're able to use headphones or speakers but beware of the teacher/boss standing behind your back!