Addicted for life, released! by optimizer 180122
As many of you know, I've had a movie in the pipeline for about 8 years. I had a shitty computer for quite some time and then real life happened and I never got the time to work on this movie. Then suddenly, late 2017 I got the feeling back, I managed to complete this movie during december, and decided to release it to the public in january, on my 34th birthday. Grab it in the movie section or check it out on my youtube channel!

Location files updated! by optimizer 101130
As noone is arsed to make location files to some of the missing maps, I decided to do it myself. I've updated my location zip with locations for Q2NEXT1 and Match1 aka reckless abandon. Grab them under the files section. Enjoy!

Ey! by optimizer 101121
Yeah, som I'm like totally lazy, slow on the updates, and what the fuck is happening to the movie? Well I've found out that my computer kinda sucks to export high quality movie files with, so, unless i buy some new parts the project remains on ice. Yet, I'm back playing quake2 again, with my old mates from the swedish powerhouse, play. I've bought a new 120hz TFT, a new mouse and keyboard, so I'm ready to roll this winter out with some quake2. Also I've updated the CFG and pakfile to work with my new monitor, so for you who doesnt have an awesome monitor like me, those settings might freak your Q2 out.

Yo, yo yo! by optimizer 090814
So the summer is almost over and yeah, its been a while since my last update and frankly I havn't been thinking about updating the page during this time. Summer has been great, not the weather itself, but great in general, for you who's dying to know whats going on with the upcoming movie, I can tell you this; It's been on ice during this time, but I will catch up some day, probably when the snow starts falling and I don't have anything else to do. My goal is still to finish the movie and I hope that I will too, peace out and good night guys!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, I'm selling my sweet ride, my mazda 3, I'm finally getting a car from my company, for those who are interested in an almost new car, you know where to find me.

So, whats taking so long by optimizer 090509
Yeah, well, nothing really, I've just been busy latley and havn't had any focus on my upcoming movie. It's not dead, thats for sure, it will happen, when its done, its just a slow process right now. All the recams are done, but also got some new ideas I've got to sort out, the soundtrack have been selected, which songs you'll see when its done. Peace out!

Movie update by optimizer 090310
I fel obliged to give you an update on my Q2-movie project. As it is now, everything have been cut, dead models have been fixed and whats left to do before I'll start to export my demos into a movie editing tool, is a bunch of recaming. So far everthing seems ok, except that I feel very rusty, but I'm eager to learn again.

Upcoming projects by optimizer 090222
I'ts been over 8 years since the realease of the very first quake2 avi movie, optimizer to the edge, and around 7 years since i set the bar of quake2 movies, releasing pure old school - scandinavia, after that I pretty much dropped everything about movie making.

Today, I'm starting to get the hunger back and more and more interested in releasing a new movie, after seeing alot of good movies coming out year after year, I feel that it might be time to pick up where I left off. My movie making skills are pretty much at the same level as it was 7 years ago, which means that I've got alot of reading and learning ahead of me (this is where the lazyness beats me). I can't really tell if I will succed to actually release this movie or when. What do you think?

Here we go again by optimizer 090125
So its been a while since my last update, like always. Christmas have passed and a new year have seen the light, I've also turned 25 just a couple of days ago *yay* to me. As most of you Q2 players already know you saw me winning the EUROQ2L with the finnish powerhouse two-point-o. A new season is coming up but we decided not to participate, which for me feels like a relief as I've lost the motivation once again but foremost I've bought a xbox360 and got hooked on Guitar hero and everything what console gaming brings you.

So is this me signing out from Quake2 forever? Doubt that, but I also strongly doubt that I will play anymore until next winter as the NDML got canceld and NIDML being one of the most inactive and badly run leagues in the history of Quake2. So, if nothing happens, this is me saying "see you on the arena next winter".

New demos uploaded by optimizer 081218
I've uploaded some new demos from EUROQ2L #10, mostly demos from the playoffs, against teams as tOk, play and HBQ. The new menu of OptiQ2xl might never see the light, as I lost the backupfiles during my reinstall of Windows.

Beta of new OptiQ2xl menu by optimizer 080920
This is what the new menu in OptiQ2xl might look like one day when its ready. So I was bored today and had nothing to do, don't mock me!


OptiQ2xl updated! by optimizer 080920
That is correct, as the topic reveals, I've finally updated my extra-lite school/work version of our beloved quake game. So lets check out the biggest change in this version:

  • R1Q2 client - using the latest version of this new client, should run the game alot smoother.

If you experience any problems with this new version or file size, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll try to sort things out. Now, enjoy the gibbfest in your school!

Yeh, so much for being back! by optimizer 080414
Seems like i can't be that active on this webbie, yet here's some updates. I've updated the lm-pakfile with gl_pic_scale "0" by default, I've also uploaded alot of new demos from my latest games with team Sweden and play, check out the demo section for more info.

Im back baby! Im back! by optimizer 080126
Almost a year have passed since my last update of this page. So Whats happening, not much actually, I've updated my Quake2 config once again, and I've also uploaded some new, fresh demos to the demo section. Smell you later!

Legacy of the mob pakfile released by optimizer 070327
My latest pakfile creation is done, the legacy of the mob pak has been released to the public. New headmenu, conback, banners and menu sounds, grab the pakfile at the filesection. Enjoy!

Updated q2cfg and working on new pak by optimizer 070325
I've updated my Quake2 config and my "second edition pak" with the latest changes, some fixes and new crosshairs. Im also working on another pak, this time a pakfile with mob-theme with new menus and banners. A teaser can be found below.

Console Menus Headmenu

Demos uploaded by optimizer 070307
All demos have been uploaded, atleast for now, however I might add some more demos later. I've also changed some settings in my Q2 config as I wasn't pleased enough with the feeling I achived with my old settings. Grab it at the filesection, if your a fanboy ;>

New section, unreleased demos by optimizer 070306
I've been working with a new section on the page, this time its a demo section with some team deathmatch demos, most of them hasn't been released to the public before. These demos are from my time in "legacy of the mob"," two-point-o" and "team sweden", some decent demos for you to download. The demos will be uploaded before this week is over.

Metallica this summer, woho! by optimizer 070301
As some of you might know, one of the greatest heavy metal band in the history, Metallica, will be out on their "sick of the studio tour" this summer and 12th of July they stop by Stockholm, Sweden to play at Stadion and I myself managed to get hold of one really expensive ticket (170€) to this consert. SUMMER PLEASE!?

Updated configs by optimizer 070226
I've been fooling around with some of my configs, mainly the Quake2 and Quake4 config. I've updated the Q4 config to work with the latest pointrelease and Q4MAX also the Q2 config have been through some changes. Grab the new versions at the filesection.

Everything done by optimizer 070223
So I've translated everything on the page now in some way understanding english. I've also changed the filesection a bit and also uploaded some new files to it. If your missing some file that you think should be on the page, don't hesitate to drop me message and I will see what I can do about it.

Translation almost done by optimizer 070222
Im almost done, translating every page into english, there's still some files to be translated but all the other pages should now be, in some way, in english. Speaking about the filesection, I've been uploading some new tools, i.e Q2pro, a modification used mostly cause of its availability to create a working QTV.

So whats happening? by optimizer 070221
No, you're not lost in cyberspace, I've decided to put up my homepage once again (after some requests) and because of this I've also decided to start writing on my poor English again. I havn't had time to translate all pages yet, but Im working on it and my guess is that everything will be done sometime during this week.

As you also may have noticed there's some changes on the homepage; first of all there's a new colour, a "new" logo and I also got my hand on some code to put up a guestbook. So don't hesitate, drop a message in my new guestbook!