Who is optimizer
roger wedin Name: Roger Wedin
Date of birth: 1984-01-22
Live: Norrtälje
Civil status: Girlfriend
Spare time: Slacking
Interest: Im up for everything...
MSN: dingdongboing@hotmail.se
Music: Heavy metal
Drives: Audi a3
Currently playing: QC, CSGO & PUBG
Works: MRC Stockholm AB
Famous Quote: EGD KATT
What is optimizer.se

This homepage is a never ending hobby that started some day in the year of 1997, back then a fanpage about Metallica, the greatest band in history.

Today you will find my own projects, such as Quake2-movies, pakfiles and OptiQ2xl. I try to keep this webbpage updated with usefull tools, applications and levels that my dear fellow Q2- and Q4-players need or might need today or some other day.

I made this homepage using Dreamweaver 4.0 with tables and iframes and when it comes down to the graphics, pretty much everything is done using Paint and Photoshop. My homepage is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox 2.0/Internet Explorer 6.X using 1024x768 or higher.