OptiMizer to the Edge - Quake2 on 56k
This movie includes frags during the years I've played Q2 using a 56K modem.

  • Year of release: 2001
  • Quality: 85%
  • Fps: 25fps
  • Resolution: 720x480 Widescreen
  • Size: 60mb
  • Codec: Divx 5.02
  • Music: Linkin Park & Metallica
  • Credits: Famine, Parish, Shyan & Skene

Pure Old School - Scandinavia
A tribute to some of the best and personal favourite players in Scandinavia, watch them pull of their stunts in a mix of recams, slowmotion and fullspeed action.

  • Year of release: 2002
  • Quality: 85%
  • Fps: 30fps
  • Resolution: 720x480 Widescreen
  • Size: 250mb
  • Codec: Xvid
  • Music: Three doors down, Metallica, Sentenced & Offspring
  • Credits: Clan HOR, Pink, Bfj & people sending demos

Addicted for life
Frags collected during my years as a lowpinger (2003-2011), representing teams such as legacy of the mob, play, two-point-o and team sweden.

  • Year of release: 2018
  • Fps: 60fps
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Size: 715mb
  • Codec: H.264
  • Music: Papa Roach & Linkin Park
  • Credits: mom & dad, muerte, nexsan, wision, kicia, justin odisho